Where the air is sweet

Where the air is sweet

Friday, September 9, 2011

Adelaide is 2 months old.

Wednesday was Adelaide's 2 month check up. (There she is sneezing) She is huge! 97th percentile in weight (13lbs 11.5oz) 95th in height (23 3/4in) and 90th in head size (I am surprised her head is not bigger-Elizabeth's is off the charts). So Adelaide is growing very well but the doctor noticed a little something that I can not get out of my head now. She tilts her head to the right all the time. She can turn both ways but always keeps her head tilted. The doctor said to try to encourage her to move her neck and maybe see a chiropractor. After researching this, I am pretty confident that she has torticollis and I am going to look into physical therapy. Hopefully, it will be easy to correct. I am a little obsessive about things at times and now I am constantly trying to move her head around... it is good fun-not. 

The best parts about this age are that she still sleeps on me a lot and she has the sweetest smile. She is a better nurser than her sister, which is nice. It was hard work to get Elizabeth to nurse sometimes even though she was hungry... we stuck with it, but it's a little easier with Adelaide. She is also a really good night sleeper, or was until she caught a runny nose from her sister. She is still sleeping well, but she wakes more to nurse now. She is a cozy bundle of squish, and I love her sweet cheeks and her warm milky smell. and her thigh rolls.

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