Where the air is sweet

Where the air is sweet

Monday, July 23, 2012

Dress Up

Isn't she gorgeous?

A couple of months ago, Elizabeth and I went through the costume jewelry collection my godmother passed down to me when it became clear that she would be the mother to a son and not a daughter. Most of it is awesome earrings that Elizabeth can't wear without pierced ears. But we managed to put on mostly everything else. 

I love how interested she was in every little ziploc bag I opened. I love knowing that I did this when I was little with my godmother. I love that my daughter and I dressed up with the same jewelry. 

A sweet girl

We try to go to Mass daily.
The other day, we were taking our car into the shop early, and we weren't going to Mass. When Elizabeth found out, she was not pleased.
She told me, "Jesus will be sad if I don't go to Mass."
"Oh, I'm sure He will be sad."
"And I will be sad, too."
With that... my heart melted.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Another Birthday

We have another baby. She is our first baby, and her birthday just passed. To celebrate it and mark the occasion, we brought flowers to her grave. We lost her at 9 weeks 2 days. It was a miscarriage early in our marriage. We were renting a condo and didn't know what we were going to do with her little body. My in-laws knew of a cemetery where they have a garden of innocence for any baby lost before 2 years old. They buried Felicity there, and we just recently got her a stone.

It is important to us that the girls know about their sister in heaven.

There was another family there whose daughter had the same birthday. Her name is Maggie. They took our picture all together. This is the first one we have like this of all of us.

The other family also brought cupcakes and balloons. They gave Elizabeth a cupcake and a balloon. We left the balloon for Felicity. Their daughter had only been gone a year... I was very touched that they went out of their way to give to us. I appreciate it.

Happy birthday Felicity. We love you.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

She is one!!

It happened today... sooner than anyone expected. Our little Adelaide turned one. One year ago... I was in pain, I was in labor, I was exhausted, I was ready to meet my baby. One year ago... I held her for the first time, I told her she was funny looking (I will only say this because she is beautiful... if I still thought it, I would keep it to myself), I nursed her, I snuggled her, I loved her face to face.

This is the same dress that Elizabeth wore for her first birthday. (see below)

She got a big kick out of the tissue paper... it took a while to get her to move past it into the present.

We are going to have a small party on Saturday to celebrate our Adelaide... but it was important that today be just a little special.

Patrick took the day off and we went to Mass this morning together. Happy feast of St. Thomas, by the way. We opened her present from us. We decorated the house with streamers and a banner. In the afternoon, we went swimming in the pool by the pond. We made dinner and prayed the rosary. We gave the girls a bath and now our precious one year old is sleeping: worn out after a hopefully wonderful birthday.