Where the air is sweet

Where the air is sweet

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

First trip to the Kitty Cat pool

In our apartment complex, there are some pools. One of these pools had a kid's wading pool right next to it. Elizabeth loves this kid's pool. She also loves the big one. And the ocean. And the tub. She is not picky when it comes to water.

Adelaide also really likes the pool. She tries to crawl around the water... with her mouth open, but at least she is having fun.

Also- leaves are delicious.

Elizabeth was walking home wrapped in a giant towel after our first of many trips to the pool. (The title of this post comes from Elizabeth. She thought that when I said, "kiddie pool," I was saying kitty pool, and thus referring to cats.) 

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Long drive, short play time

So one Sunday, we were all a little grumpy. We needed a change of scenery, and I really wanted to go to a park.

Patrick wasn't too keen on the idea, but he did it anyway. We drove to a park in riverside where we went a lot when we were dating. They were doing construction on the road or bridge there and it was super crowded with no parking. We drove some more.

Eventually we found another park which was really nice. Elizabeth was so excited to be out of the car and playing (we drove for a while.)

So we play for about 10 minutes when Elizabeth tells us that she has to pee. We walk over to the port-a-potty (GROSS). and she has a little bit of an accident. I had no extra clothes for her.

We had to put her into one of Adelaide's diapers for the way home (we use the one size cloth diapers and they fit her fine). She was upset we wouldn't let her play in a diaper sans pants.

We drove through Dairy Queen after this so not all was lost. Also... I really like this picture of Patrick. I love when he seems like a kid and does fun stuff. He plays with Elizabeth at the playground, but mainly by helping her do whatever she wants to do. It's not usually his thing to drop his guard and just play for his own sake, but when he does, it's great. 

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Beach day

I love this picture of Elizabeth and her Papa... or Poppy as she has taken to calling him lately... randomly.

Adelaide had fallen asleep in the car and stayed asleep for a few extra minutes on her Aunt Anne.

Beach days are fun. Even if Adelaide tries to eat sand the majority of the time.

Elizabeth likes to help her Uncle Neil with whatever he is doing... and then proceed to mess it up on purpose while he is asking her not to. We are working on that.

Oh my word... her face just makes me so happy.

They all looked good... and they all knew it.

First french braids

A month or so ago... Elizabeth was sitting on her little potty doing her business, and I was in the bathroom keeping her company... if that's weird- too bad. I decided randomly to try to braid her hair. It worked! It was so cute but she had me take them out before she went to sleep. I did get to put them in again the next morning. I love having girls!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Dinner with Father Jose

A few weeks ago, we had dinner with my in-laws and the priest who performed our Wedding. Patrick and I got married in the Church that I went to, but with the priest that was close with his family. It was a nice compromise. We hadn't seen him since a few months after getting married. It was nice to catch up and let him see our girls. 

 This is Uncle Neil... not the priest. I took my camera out and told everyone to remind me to take pictures with Father Jose, but alas... fail. I still wanted to post this so I would remember that we had dinner with him, but I wish there were pictures of him.

(Side note: Adelaide has 4 teeth)

Elizabeth sang, "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" for him. He really wanted to hear "Immaculate Mary" after we told him that she is very good at it. Getting an almost- three-year-old to perform on command can be difficult and she would not cooperate. She is still cute though... And she loves her Aunt Anne (Ina).

Saturday, April 7, 2012

A Wedding

We went to a wedding in early March. Have I mentioned how much I love weddings. Because I do... love weddings. A good portion of our friends are married so we don't get to go to many weddings anymore, but they are so much fun! Elizabeth had a blast! This is the first wedding she has been to where she was able to dance, eat cake, and have fun... boy did she!

She was a dancing machine. It was the cutest.

My sweet husband danced every slow song with me... even though he wouldn't pose for pictures.

Adelaide had fun dancing with Mimi and Papa. 

Elizabeth loves her Uncle Neil. And cupcakes.

Adelaide loves her Daddy. Anyway if you know anyone getting married anytime soon... Tell them to invite me because I will be so stoked!