Where the air is sweet

Where the air is sweet

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Fall family photos

                          I am loving our new family pictures! 

I can't believe how grown up our Elizabeth is. She is five years old now, and we started Kindergarten this fall. She is the sweetest helper and loves her siblings so much. We are trying to get used to calling her Lizzie per her request but she has such an Elizabeth face. 

Our family of five, casually standing near an old barn and looking like it's natural. I really loved the place that we took photos because of the old barn and an old house. Nice variety. These were taken by Meg Willerer (you can find her on fb) who is so nice and fun. My girls loved her and I want to be her friend. 

Oh. My. Favorite.

Our three year old wild child. Adelaide is commanded by her emotions. She feels all the feels and lets you know it. When she is sweet, she is so sweet. And you can guess the rest. She loves strong and we love her back just as fiercely. 

This face. I can't even. This was taken while he was grouchy. He is just the sweetest thing, as long as he has his mommy (or sometimes Daddy.)

We had a good time taking these photos except for all the mosquitos that were out at 9AM-ridiculous. Now I have to find a way to frame every one of them and stick them all over my house without seeming obsessive. Good luck to me.