Where the air is sweet

Where the air is sweet

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

She is one!!

It happened today... sooner than anyone expected. Our little Adelaide turned one. One year ago... I was in pain, I was in labor, I was exhausted, I was ready to meet my baby. One year ago... I held her for the first time, I told her she was funny looking (I will only say this because she is beautiful... if I still thought it, I would keep it to myself), I nursed her, I snuggled her, I loved her face to face.

This is the same dress that Elizabeth wore for her first birthday. (see below)

She got a big kick out of the tissue paper... it took a while to get her to move past it into the present.

We are going to have a small party on Saturday to celebrate our Adelaide... but it was important that today be just a little special.

Patrick took the day off and we went to Mass this morning together. Happy feast of St. Thomas, by the way. We opened her present from us. We decorated the house with streamers and a banner. In the afternoon, we went swimming in the pool by the pond. We made dinner and prayed the rosary. We gave the girls a bath and now our precious one year old is sleeping: worn out after a hopefully wonderful birthday.

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