Where the air is sweet

Where the air is sweet

Friday, September 7, 2012

Date night

Date night. How amazing are those two words? I'll tell you: SO AMAZING! we had our first date night... maybe ever- in July. My in-laws came over to watch the girls, and we went to dinner at Outback and to the movies to see The Amazing Spiderman (which was awesome). 
It is soooooooo nice to go to a restaurant and be able to sit and eat and talk and take as long you want. It's nice to go to a movie and not have to worry about keeping a baby or toddler quiet. It's nice to be able to give my undivided attention to my husband for a little while and talk and joke and laugh. It's nice to help remember why I chose him to be with for the rest of my life. 
More often, I say! More date nights! Luckily, we have no shortage of people willing to watch our little boogers. My mom or my husbands parents or siblings... maybe we should call someone up this weekend...

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