Where the air is sweet

Where the air is sweet

Friday, May 25, 2012


Dear Elizabeth,

Tonight as your father was reading you books and saying prayers with you, I mentioned to you that this was the last night you would go to sleep as a two year old. Tomorrow you will be three. Can it seriously be true that you are three? Three years ago right now I was in labor... so eager to hold you but I still had quite a few hours of pain ahead of me. Pain that was worth it.

Enough about 3 years ago... what about now? You talk up a storm. You love Mommy and Daddy to make up stories and songs for you. You will occasionally make up stories for us, but they are very short. You love to tell people about things that happened and end with, "It was pretty funny." I think you got it from me. You love to dance. You turn on the music on the jumperoo and start bustin' moves (or doing ballet- as you say). You are in for a rude awakening when you start ballet classes. You always pray when you hear sirens, and sometimes you randomly tell me you are going to pray for someone you know needs it (like cousin Aaron who was in a car accident.)

You are my sunshine. You often tell me that you love me because I am your sunshine... if you only knew girlfriend. You also tell me that I'm your best friend... but apparently you hand out that title like it's candy because I've heard you tell many a person that they are your best friend. (I still believe you though.) Tomorrow, we will not have a big party at a park which is what we did for your first and second birthdays. We will have family over for dinner along with your godparents. We will eat, talk, and celebrate the fact that God blessed us with you. Tomorrow you will be three. Slow down.

Love, Mommy

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