Where the air is sweet

Where the air is sweet

Thursday, May 3, 2012


We had a wonderful Easter this year! We went to the Tridentine Mass and had breakfast at Patrick's family's house afterwards. It was so good. I forgot to take pictures there... or I didn't have my camera. I also didn't take pictures of E and A with their Easter presents and the Resurrection garden for some reason, but Patrick has some on his phone. Maybe I will edit this later and add them.

We went to my Mom's house in the early afternoon to hunt Easter eggs and hang out with my family that was visiting from New York. I took Elizabeth and her (2nd?) cousin Alyssia for a walk so the eggs could be hidden. 

Cousin love. Oh boy. 

The basket she has was my favorite one growing up. It has a bunny built into it. I love that my mom still has this stuff and my toys because it is nice to see her play with my things. I wish she had saved some of my clothes.


Elizabeth found the most; Alyssia found a good number with some help; Adelaide found none... but she didn't mind.

The girls playing in my mom's tupperware cabinet. It was so cute that my mom was actually excited for Adelaide to play in there like Elizabeth did... and make a ridiculous mess. If you know my mom and messes- that's a big deal.

Easter is an amazing day and the most important holiday of the year. I am glad we had so much fun spending it with family.

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