Where the air is sweet

Where the air is sweet

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


So we celebrated my wonderful husband's 25th birthday over the weekend. I threw a tiny surprise party for him with just a few close friends and our families. It was so much fun!! I have never thrown a surprise part, and I suggest planning it more than about 5 days in advance, but it was still great. 

When Patrick walked in, the only people he could see were me, Elizabeth and Adelaide. Elizabeth looked around like she didn't know what to do and then yelled surprise. My sister-in-law, Anne, had warned me that the actual yelling surprise never works, but I still wanted us to try. It failed, but was very cute. Patrick looked confused, then alarmed for a second, then pleasantly surprised. 

The picture above is Adelaide with Papa (and my arm). We all played Catch phrase which was so much fun. I wanted to make this birthday special for him... as did his family. I am glad we did this. He had absolutely no idea. I want to keep throwing surprise parties, but I'm afraid it can't really work like that.

Happy birthday to my favorite husband. I love you more than my awesome surprise party could show. Here is to many many many more birthdays together that are a great as this one. 

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