Where the air is sweet

Where the air is sweet

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Elizabeth over seven months ago

So I suddenly remembered that I started a list a while ago, before the blog, about things that I didn't want to forget about Elizabeth. I made it on July 18th. Reading through it a few minutes ago, I was amazed by how much she has changed since then. It is amazing the difference... I wanted to put them here so I have them online in case the computer randomly breaks. (It happened with my last one.)

Little Things I Never Want to Forget About Elizabeth

The way she shrugs her shoulders, puts her hand out, and bends her head when she is telling you something.

The way she always wants me to “play her.” She also occasionally wants me to “holda her.”

The way she says “Dee dee Momma” (Thank you, Momma)

The way she sings things like the Alphabet song and Twinkle twinkle little star in rounds because she can’t quite tell where they end. (She does it to the Alphabet because she gets confused at the end.)

The way she says the “Hail Mary.”

The way she likes to take off her daddy’s socks and wear them up to her knees. (See picture... which was taken about a year or so ago.)

The way she sings “Immaculate Mary” at the top of her lungs… and sometimes harmonizes with me. (I use the term, harmonize, loosely.)

The way she says “Cheese” for pictures and gives a ridiculous smile.

The way she patters into our room around 6:30 with a cheerful “Morning.”

The ways she mixes up her words and sounds like Yoda sometimes or puts the negative at the end of the sentence. (I want to eat that no.)

The way she will walk over with a handful of toys that belong to someone else and claim proudly that she is sharing.

The way she calls “Mommy, blanket me!” if she wakes up in the middle of the night uncovered.

The way she loves to sleep with the big pink body pillow, a regular pillow, blankets and stuffed animals, her water and sometimes little mommy or little daddy (the little people)

The way she says “Jesus coming” when she hears the bells at Mass.

The ways she blows a kiss and says, “I love you, Jesus” when we pass a Catholic Church.

The way she learned the “Agnus Dei” all by herself.

The way she thinks she needs a donut every time we pray the “Hail Holy Queen” because it gets said after Mass before we go downstairs to get donuts.

The way she says “I E” when she wants to draw even though she can say draw and write.

The way she says things are “Cute, dorable.”

The way she says she is “laughin’ too hard.”

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