Where the air is sweet

Where the air is sweet

Thursday, November 3, 2011


So I scored this amazing costume for Elizabeth at a second hand store shortly before Halloween. I wasn't sure if we were going to do the whole Halloween thing or not... I'm not a big fan, but we did. The picture above is Elizabeth bouncing on a trampoline at the Halloween party her gym had (which was our official last event with them). I think the costume may have been worth it just for this picture.

We dressed Adelaide in the same bunny costume that Elizabeth wore for her first Halloween. It is beyond words! I put a bow on the bunny because people often think Adelaide is a boy, so I wanted no confusion.

We did a little bit of trick or treating for the first time. The candy is already gone... but we only had about 10 pieces. We went with my siblings-in-law and had good fun.
I like how I look stoked and Adelaide looks like she is pooping.

Elizabeth was very good at knocking on doors... people, however, were not very good at answering. Twice we had people open the door who were a different nationality and clearly did not know what Halloween was. That is the most awkward. Your poodle daughter is standing there holding out a bag and looking up expectantly at people who may not even speak English. I just said, "Okay, thanks, nevermind, okay" or something along those lines. Oh well, now that Halloween is out of the way, we can move on to bigger and better holidays (aka all other holidays).

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