Where the air is sweet

Where the air is sweet

Monday, December 3, 2012

A day at the park

These pictures are from a spontaneous park trip after going to an Arts/Farmer's market a couple of months ago with my mom. 

We walked from the market which is held under a bridge by the river, to a nearby park. The girls had a blast even though there were no swings or slides here. 

I can remember coming to this same park when I was 11 weeks pregnant with Elizabeth on my 21st birthday. Patrick and I had gotten bagels from Einstein's (their onion and chive cream cheese is so good) and ate them together under an old tree on a bench. It is fun to see my girls playing together here. 

In the far background of this picture, there are some people having a picnic. There was a little girl around Elizabeth's age, so she had to crash. It is so sweet seeing her make friends.

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