Where the air is sweet

Where the air is sweet

Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Zoo

So a Christmas present from Gigi in New york (my grandmother) was a zoo membership for our family. Score!! 
 At our first trip to the zoo over the summer, Elizabeth was afraid to feed the giraffes. Now, she is less afraid and will usually do it. I love giraffes.
This is Uncle Neil feeding the giraffes... him- not so scared.

Kangaroos- Patrick was really excited about them for some reason. I told him that whenever we go, they just lay there but of course- this day they were up and eating. They want to make me a liar.

Elizabeth loves to pet the goats... oh - I mean, brush them. She corrects me if I make that mistake.

Adelaide was wearing Uncle Neil's hat. Looks good on her.

We were all sitting on the alligator. I like how I write super obvious captions- you are welcome. This is not a good picture of me. It's funny how people, especially women, feel the need to tell others when they do not look good in a picture. Chances are, no one would even notice, but- now that I've said something- you will scroll back up and re-judge it. I should maybe try to stop.

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