Where the air is sweet

Where the air is sweet

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


We had Thanksgiving at our place this year because it is relatively centrally located and it has a lot of living/dining room. We had card tables set up as well as our normal table and it all worked out wonderfully. We had 15 people and it didn't seem too crowded. Best part... I didn't have to cook anything. I did clean the apartment really well though, so I'm sure that counts for something. I was supposed to make brownies, and I brought the mix to my mom's the day before, because we were having a baking day. Guess who ended up making them. Yeah. Afterward Thanksgiving dinner, the young ones (those under 30) went outside and played baseball. Elizabeth kept wanting to switch balls with the big kids, luckily her daddy obliged. We were going to play hide and seek (which I love) but it got too dark. I don't like the time change.

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  1. Nice! I can't imagine hosting a holiday! I think I would be stressed to the max. Kudos to you! PS Look at you with a tan in November!